30-03-21News Lecture: Gave a Lecture on DX at Columbia Business School on March 4, 2021
26-10-19News Conference Presentations: “How DX Project Can Be Proceeded – Based upon Readiness in Decision Making Unit”
09-09-19News New Article: President Online (Japanese Only)
23-08-19News New Book: “Strategies Created and Applied by High Performers”
05-07-19News New Book (Translation): “Focus Strategy”
31-12-18News New Article: “How Marketers Can Utilize Digital Transformation in the Process of Socialization, Externalization, Combination and Internalization,”
31-05-18News New Book: “Strategic Industrial Marketing -7 Steps for B2B Marketers-”
28-06-17News New Book: “Global Marketing: Contemporary Theory, Practice, and Cases”
20-03-17News New Article: “Tasks and Directions Relating to Global Communication of B2B Enterprises – as a Sales Complementary Function Viewed from the Purchase Process”
20-02-16News New Article: “Pattern and Structure of Approach to the Industrial Market”
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