Major Achievements

Management Strategy ConsultingConsulting made for over 50 companies in industries such as IT, biotechnology, chemicals, construction, automotive, electronic parts, distribution, chains, mail order, building materials wholesale, and real estate.
Marketing Strategy ConsultingConsulting made for over 60 companies in industries including cosmetics, automotives, consumer electronics, engineering, industrial goods manufacturing, IT, biotechnology, construction, advertisement, education, precision instruments, medical instruments, food, and financial services.
Research Studies
  • For the Ministry of Labor: “Advanced Employment Business in the Lumber Industry”
  • For the Technology Agency: “Research Study regarding Pre- and Post-evaluation of Research Themes in Japanese and American Research Institutes”
  • For the Fisheries Agency: “Research Study regarding Measurement of the Effects of Investment in Fishing Ports and Fishing Villages”
  • For the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency: “Research Study for the Vitalization of Industrial Clustering in the Ota District”
  • For the Ministry of International Trade and Industry: “Research Study Project regarding Support of Industry in the Wide-area Kanto District”
  • For the Japanese Institute of Technology on Fishing Ports, Grounds and Communities: “Research Study regarding Clarification of the Concept of Maintenance Business in the Takashima District”
  • For Yamagata Prefecture: “Research Study for Conceptualization of an Incubation Center Plan”
  • Independent Research: “Research regarding Measurement of the Effects of IR and Other Corporate Communication”
  • For the Ministry of Labor: “Seminar on Employment Management in Venture Companies, etc.”
  • Independent Research: “Research Study regarding the Mechanisms of Sustainable Corporate Growth,” etc.