What’s APRIM

Mission and Activities Overview


The Asia Pacific Research Institute of Marketing (APRIM)’s mission is to contribute, in the area of marketing, to the development of leading companies and leaders in the Asia-Pacific region.

To accomplish this, APRIM offers consultation, marketing research, training and development for leaders, academic studies, case studies, publications, and planning and organizing conferences, all in the Asia-Pacific region, which is sure to continue its steady growth into the future.

Activities Overview

  1. Enhancement of the business knowledge, technology, and skills of companies active in the Asia-Pacific region.
  2. Promotion of mutual economic, industrial, and cultural exchange in the Asia-Pacific region through the free exchange of expertise.
  3. Making of efforts toward the development of companies operating in the Asia-Pacific region through cooperation and collaboration with local governments and public institutions.
  4. Addition of new results to existing research through publication and provision of guidelines for the next generation of marketing specialists.
  5. Organization of management conferences and the exchange of knowledge and information related to companies operating in the Asia-Pacific region.
  6. Proposal of proper business practices to individuals engaged in business, companies, governments, industries, and others.
  7. Proposal and support of the creation and fostering of companies and marketing personnel for the growth and development of economies in the Asia-Pacific region.