Privacy Policy

Policy for the protection of personal information
This English translation is just for your reference. It has been translated from the Japanese version, which will remain the official version.
Asia Pacific Research Institute of Marketing (hereafter “the company”) has decided upon the following policy to ensure the protection of personal information.

Compliance with relevant laws
The company will adhere to all laws related to the handling of personal information including the “Act Concerning the Protection of Personal Information”, guidelines from relevant ministries, instructions from authorized individual protection organizations as well as this privacy policy.

Acquisition and use of personal information
The company will acquire personal information through reasonable means. When acquiring personal information, it will generally make the intended use clear. The company also will not overstep the bounds of the announced intended uses in handling personal information.

Protection and control of personal information
The company will endeavor to keep personal information up to date and accurate. Also, to protect against the leakage of personal information, it will take all necessary and appropriate safety measures and carry out adequate supervision of staff members and contractors. Except when compelled by law, the company will not supply or otherwise reveal personal information to any third party without obtaining individual consent.

Continuous improvement
In order to handle personal information appropriately, the company will conduct reasonable reviews of this privacy policy and work to improve it continuously.

Disclosure procedures
If an individual requests the company disclose, correct or suspend use of personal data held by the company, the company will work to comply as appropriately and quickly as possible after confirming the individual’s identity.

Questions and comments
The company will respond to questions and comments about personal information quickly and honestly.
Please submit questions and comments in writing to the company at the address below.

APRIM (Asia Pacific Research Institute of Marketing)
Personal information protection desk
2-6-30 Oofuna, Kamakura-shi, Kanagwa,
247-0056, Japan
Phone number(Mobile) : +81-90-2243-8439